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Porto, 1998.


Throughout its 18 years of activity Sete Pés has provided consulting to cultural policies, strategies and management; has developed master plans for cultural facilities; has carried out studies and performance management; has developed projects and cultural events; has carried out diagnosis to training needs and vocational training programs; has set up exhibitions and educational projects; has developed communication projects for science, and carried out editorial management; and has held workshops and conferences.

We work for a great variety of organizations – Municipalities; Museums; Theatres and Networks of Theatres; Cultural Centres; Cultural Capitals; Foundations; Universities; Entrepreneurial Associations; Regional Authorities, and Companies.



  • Design of of Strategic Plans for Culture and Creative Sector  
  • Design of Master Plans for cultural and creative facilities.
  • Design of Culture and Creative Projects
  • Management of Cultural Facilities (organizational diagnosis; organizational re-definition of functions).
  • Management of Human Resources (diagnosis of training needs; training programs/courses; performance management; development of competencies)
  • Design, Production and Setup of Exhibitions
  • Design of Communication and Educational Projects for Science (exhibitions, events)
  • Editorial management

+ than 120 projects have been designed or monitored.
+ than 150 vocational training courses, training diagnosis, performance assessments.
+ than 50 organizations are our customers.

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