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RenEU: New Renaissance in Europe
At first, looked to the sky searching for the stars. Then, were made maps and compasses and maps with compasses. Today, we can't live without GPS or Google Maps. In a project that aims to point the way to a new Renaissance in Europe, these instruments inspired us and lead us to create a logo that combines orientation objects...
from the Renaissance period with more contemporary ones with similar functions.
Promote reflection and debate on the Renaissance period and its values and achievements in order to rethink the Europe of today is the central aim of the 'RenEU: New Renaissance in Europe' project, that is produced by SETEPÉS in partnership with the Directorate of Culture of the North Region (Portugal), as well as other European organizations, such as the Tuscany Region (Italy), the Villa Decius Association (Poland), the Patronato de Alhambra y Generalife (Spain) and the Musée National de la Renaissance (France). 
Q* Mostra Showcase & Networking | Music and Theatre

Q* Mostra Showcase & Networking | Music and Theatre is an event produced by SETEPÉS and promoted by the Quadrilátero Cultural, an association that gathers four municipalities of the North of Portugal - Braga, Barcelos, Guimarães and Vila Nova de Famalicão -, that intends to promote the creative work...

of two very dynamic cultural subsectors from these territories: Music and Theatre, for an audience constitued mostly by important national and international festivals or theatre directors, programmers, specialized media, etc.

Sixteen rock bands and seven theatre companhies will present their work in a initiative that will take place in three different moments and places. The event exclusively dedicated to Theatre will take place on 8th April, at the Centro Cultural Vila Flor (CCVF), in Guimarães. See the Theatre event poster here.

The two moments dedicated to Music will take place in October 2014, in Barcelos and Vila Nova de Famalicão.

Project about accessibility

SETEPÉS organized the project Todos Cá Fora!, a set of activities and awareness raising and promoting accessibility in the city of Aveiro. Installations of public art, street art / comics, street actions, exhibitions, international conference in addition to a wide range of traditional communication media, are part of the Todos Cá Fora! 

From October 14th to November 14th in Aveiro.

Couros- CampUrbis: Envolvimento da População Local

Undertaken by Setepés and promoted by Fraterna and the Municipality of Guimarães this project aims to make citizens of Couros understand the urban regeneration process and participate in their  own community

issues. For that there are being undertaken both cultural and social activities and also some participation methodologies in order to increase involvement within the community and reach some improvements in the future public space of Couros.
The organization of a Community Council, Parish Maps activities, the concretion of the Strategic Plan, Future Search workshops and thematical foruns are some of the many methodos used to promote participation.

Multidisciplinary Study Centro Histórico de Guimarães

The present project, promoted by Fraterna as part of the Partnership for the Urban Regeneration of the Historical Centre of Guimarães, has the main purpose of carrying out a multidisciplinary study on how the

population from this town relates to and identifies with the area classified as “World Cultural Heritage”.  
In order to carry out this study, several activities have been planned: sociology, psychology,  media arts, plastic arts, design and creative writing and project areas (DECIDE/Deliberative Citizens Debates, WHACH and social networks). After the different activities have been finalized, a Laboratory will take place in order to reflect upon the conclusions and to prepare an Action Plan. Then a book shall be published and presented in May of 2012 containing all the study that was made.

Eu sou Guimarães

With design, coordination and management of Setepés  and promoted by Guimarães European Capitala of Culture 2012, “Eu Sou Guimarães” is a project for qualifying and empowering the citizens of that city to host visitors during the period of the European Capital of Culture 2012. The project

shall be fulfilled through a set of different actions,training/qualification, information/empowerment, information/dissemination, framed into two different typologies: viral actions and actions of dissemination. Professionals of different sectors, commerce, police, schools, hospitals, museums, libraries, tourism, hotels and restaurants, are the targets of this project.


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