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ENCATC is the only European network gathering together higher educational institutions and training organizations dealing with cultural management education and training.Established in Warsaw in 1992, the network counts over 100 members in 35 countries across Europe and beyond.
We have the status of an international non-profit organisation, an NGO with operation links with UNESCO, and of  “observer” to the Steering Committee for Culture of the Council of Europe.
We are a lively and expanding European platform encouraging serious exchange of knowledge, methodologies, experiences, comparative research and regular assessment of the sector’s training needs in the broad field of cultural management from a European point of view through a wide range of working groups, projects, activities and events.

Directorate General for Employment and Labor Relations is a public service whose mission is to support the design of policies relating to employment, professional training and certification, including working conditions and safety, health and welfare at work, also responsible for monitoring and promoting collective bargaining and prevention of collective labor conflicts.

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